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If it’s health and fitness gifts for Dad that you are looking for, you can kind of kill two birds with one stone, because who doesn’t love to receive gifts and feel loved? But on the other hand, these gifts also encourage good health and fitness which can be a whole heap of fun along with boosting health!

Will it be the same old same old or will it be something else this time?

Most of us know when it comes to gifts for Dad, his drawers are full of ties, socks, soaps, aftershaves, etc. Here’s where these health and fitness gifts come into play. Instead of that worn-out feeble smile when he opens his gifts, he’ll be grinning from ear to ear. And even if he has got a bit out of the habit of exercising on a regular basis, some new piece of equipment might be just up his street to inspire him to get going again.

Some ideas


  • Most dads love their outdoor cooking – grilling meat outside in the sunshine, surrounded by beloved friends. To complete his grilling outfit, there are simply gorgeous vegetable trays or baskets which while you are barbequing outside, the veggies can be grilling at the same time.
  • Older guys often end up needing to wear glasses permanently which means a lot of them to stop wearing sunglasses. But to protect his eyes from further harmful ultraviolet rays — treat Dad to a pair of prescription sunglasses that he’d never buy himself.
  • What about purchasing a ticket for you and him to see a special sporting event that he still watches on television, and which you and your dad can attend together.
Some more great ideas!

Comprehensive Fitness Training Equipment


Want to help Dad with his six-pack?  Then this total workout set is for you. Buy individually or as a set, it is up to you.

You have Resistance Bands, a Push Up Stand Bar, Abdominal Wheel AB Roller, Skipping Rope, and Grip Strength


Is Dad starting to get big-time wrinkles? Well, stop them in their tracks; this anti-aging cream promises to eliminate crow’s feet, fine lines, and other signs of aging to keep Dad looking good when out sailing, on the golf course, or in the gym!


Get Dad on his way to health with this high-powered blender, full of versatility – easily dicing up all those veggies and fruit. He will love this for whipping up healthy smoothies, packed with vitamins.


Now, Dad can record all his sporting adventures with this GoPro’s latest action camera. The Hero7 Black offers Dad live streaming so he can share videos with whomever.



Dad will simply love the more than 125 recipes in this cookbook, with great tips on how to shed weight and how to heal the body.


Those men who still love their fried food but who have to watch their waistline need this! It’s an air fryer – a small cooker that can fry everything from Buffalo wings to fries, even coming with a rotisserie attachment, removing up to 50% of the fat.


Regular exercise is what will keep Dad around for a long time – this Smartwatch will help him reach all his fitness goals, keeping him motivated with all the challenges and adventures laid up for him.


A super-duper duffel bag to carry all Dad’s gym and travel accessories with all his personal care items too. It’s a versatile bag, suitable for carry-on luggage or an overnight bag.

$130.39 – $296.86

These are the latest in Nike’s latest running shoes, a great addition to any guy’s footwear collection. You can choose from 10 different colors too to suit Dad’s lifestyle and personality.

It’s quite overwhelming to buy fitness and health gifts for someone who is getting out of shape, or who no longer has the same interest in getting fit as they did in their youth. Some dads just need some encouragement and the ‘gear’ listed above can do just that, easing him into the excitement of getting out there, taking care of his life, health, and even mental capacity. Help him to reach new heights that will delight and tickle him pink to receive.  You might even have a new competitor!