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5 Life Skills that Everyone Should Master

1. Effective Communication

Effective communication is two-fold. In order to be an effective communicator, you must be able to both listen and respond. This sounds like a simple goal to master, but it is so much more complicated than it seems.

Effective listening requires going beyond hearing what someone else is saying. We have a tendency to listen to others while focusing our thoughts on what we are going to say in response to them. This tends to lead to a rather distracted version of listening. Experts say that in order to become an effective listener, we must learn to listen to understand.


The Four Types of Habits

What Are Habits

Habits as a whole, are predetermined patterns of behavior that we use to automate our daily lives. Accordingly, there are 4 types of habits that we deal with on a constant basis. These are not good/bad habits, but more of a categorical description of these habits and what we gain or lose from them. The four types of habits are: (more…)

High sugar diet

Why You Should Consider Eliminating Sugar for Fast Weight Loss

Many people don’t know that when their insulin goes down, fat has an easier time of getting released out of the cells and burned instead of carbs. So what does this have to do with eliminating sugar from your diet? Everything!

When you eat sugar (a simple carbohydrate), insulin is released into your bloodstream as a bodily response to getting your blood sugar level back in check. While your body is burning up these simple carbs, it is not burning stored fat. (more…)

Why You Should Eat More Protein for Better Fitness Results

Protein is the macronutrient building block of the body. It is what builds bones, muscle, cartilage, skin, nails, and blood. But this all-important nutrient does not stop there. Because it is an amino acid, it also helps synthesize enzymes and hormones, maintains fluid balance, and regulates vital bodily functions, like creating antibodies, protecting against infection, and helping with blood clotting and scar tissue formation.


Can a Low Carb Diet Help You Lose Weight Quickly (and Healthily)?

though both are a loss. When first starting a low-carb diet, your initial loss of weight will be mostly water and not weight lost from fat. And, it is important to recognize this loss as mostly temporary. Once you go off of your low-carb diet, you’ll gain up to 60% of this weight back. It’s natural for the body to have glucose stores that it can go to in case of lean times when food may not be available. That is an evolutionary hold-over from the caveman days (more…)

Can You Train for a 5K in 4 Weeks?

Has this happened to you? “I signed up for a 5k race some time ago, forgot about it, and now it is a month away and I haven’t started training yet! Do I still have time to get in shape?”


The answer is if you can already run ½ mile, or if you regularly train two days per week now, then most likely yes. But you are going to have to follow a rigorous training schedule to be ready by race day. (more…)

5 Daily Habits That Boost Your Mood

Your mood is a general disposition toward having certain kinds of emotions, such as feeling more negative or positive, and they can last for hours or even days. Sometimes, people confuse emotions with mood, but while these are inextricably linked, they are also not the same.

While moods last longer, they are also more diffuse and often not connected to any identifiable cause. In general, moods are often much more consistent but less intense than emotions, so much so that you may not even realize that you are in a good or bad mood until you reflect later on your state of mind. (more…)